Riddle House – Intentional Community

BC_SQrust72“Riddle House” is an intentional community house in Cincinnati, Ohio. It currently serves as the home for Brendan’s Crossing as well as a hub for young adult and Praxis Communities trainings and events. Originally built in 1840 as a family home, it became a Mennonite Intentional Community House and home for conscientious objectors during the World Wars. Known for decades as “The Peace House” it served as an intentional community house with several different missions throughout the 1900’s. Over the last hundred years it has been home to countless young adults on journeys of their own who are now scattered all over the world engaging mission, family, and life calling (occasionally someone still stops by to see the old place). In 2004 it was entrusted to new owners for a much needed restoration so that it could honor the Mennonite’s hopes that it would be transferred and used, “in a way that would represent Jesus to the neighborhood.” We believe and hope that it is.

The home is built for community. It sits on almost an acre of land in the city with plenty of room for play, gardening, and respite.

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Residential Members in Brendan’s Crossing each have their own private furnished bedroom, and share one of four bathrooms, laundry room, main gathering room, office and kitchen. We use the main floor to offer hospitality in many ways including movie nights, potlucks, and our community gatherings. Share in community life with us.

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