Monica Payne

Our community’s Program Director, Monica, is a Cincinnati native and no stranger to the diocese. As a child, she spent every summer at Procter Summer Camp and also worked there as a counselor during college.

Most recently, Monica was a full-time missionary who traveled to 11 countries, serving some of the poorest and neediest people in the world. It was during her time in the mission field that she became deeply involved with intentional community. Upon returning to the US, she joined Brendan’s Crossing and served at Open Door, Church of the Advent’s homeless ministry, and also at Peoples Church (Assembly of God) as their coordinator of leadership development. After living in the Brendan’s Crossing community for the last two years, she is excited to make the transition to Interim Program Director. Previously, Monica attended Ohio University(undergrad) and University of Louisville(post-grad) and was a public school teacher for 5 years.

Monica can be contacted at