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I am Hannah, an aspiring adult with the candid enthusiasm of a child. You may say I’m a dreamer with ambition. I take life with a side of blonde roast coffee or Coke Zero, depending on the time of day.. sometimes. College wore me out, so I am taking a break to explore my passions, and to truly embrace what is in store for me.  Overall, I know I’ll keep changing. Life will keep moving, and the world will keep spinning. But it’s not ending. I smile, accept what’s up, and endure life with grace.

This year Hannah will be serving with Calvary Episcopal Church in Clifton and with the H.O.P.E. Coalition – a collection of location churches working together to build Habitat for Humanity homes. The first home is in Northside and construction is underway. We welcome all volunteers who want to help build and all churches who want to join the H.O.P.E. Coalition. Contact Reverend Jason Leo for more information.

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