Episcopal Ethos

“What’s an ‘Episcopal Ethos’?”

We asked the same question.

This has been an ongoing conversation (which is part of the Episcopal Ethos) within our community and staff. While we would be highly unlikely to please everyone in our answer (another part of the Episcopal Ethos) we have found a few descriptors and explanations for what this means and how it informs what we do at Brendan’s Crossing. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Hopefully this is helpful to applicants with or without prior knowledge or experience of the Episcopal Church:

We pray individually and “in common” (i.e. together) – Our community practices several forms of prayer individually and together. We use the Book of Common Prayer but not exclusively.

“The Three Legged Stool” of Scripture, Tradition, Reason – We read and apply scripture. We learn from and respect tradition. We use our God-given intellect and reason.

Incarnation is important – we believe strongly in God living in an embodied way in the earth and we seek to live embodied spirituality.

Beauty – things that are beautiful  (e.g. music, art, poetry, nature…) are all ways that we understand that God is active around us bringing beauty into the world.

Service – we see service as a way of seeking the common good. Jesus came to serve; not to be served, and he modeled service for us. Service is a cornerstone of the Brendan’s Crossing experience.

The real presence of Christ in the sacrament of communion – In the Episcopal church communion (a.k.a. the Eucharist) is only administered by Priests.

Salvation is essentially communal; in the company of others – Our faith and formation doesn’t happen in an individual bubble. This is a big part of why Brendan’s Crossing exists in the context of community living.

Ecumenism – very deeply part of what is means to be Episcopalian. Bishop Breidenthal likes to say “connection in every which way.” Historically the Episcopal DNA has uniquely positioned us between the catholic and protestant traditions. At Brendan’s Crossing we strive for a diverse community – remaining open to all young adults regardless of belief or religious affiliation.

The beauty of an “Episcopal Ethos” as it expresses itself at Brendan’s Crossing is that you are free to be who you are, believe what you do or don’t believe, bring what you have, take what you need, while discovering and growing in who you are meant to be and what you are meant to do in the world.

Apply and join us in the ongoing conversation.