BC6Brendan’s Crossing exists in the context of COMMUNITY. Our Residential members have the unique opportunity to live in intentional community with others who are also exploring their call. The mutual support and shared life experience is a key component of the program. Time commitment starts at 10 months with an option to extend for up to 3 years.

Living in community offers the opportunity to develop and live into a shared rule of life, to learn from each other, and to grow in relationship skills. Our community is not limited to our house or even our city; our sister program, Confluence Year, is located in the Columbus, OH neighborhood of Franklinton. Multiple times throughout the Program Year, our two communities will come together to serve, worship, and have fun together. Both of our programs make up Southern Ohio ESC.

In 2014 our community moved from the Floral House to Riddle House, where we lilved for 4 years before moving into our current home, the  Calvary House.